DROWNED PRODUCTIONS was founded in September 1990 after my first European Inter-rail trip. I decided to create a label to release demos of Spanish bands in a professional way and help them with promotion spreading their name around the world. Later, in September 1991 I got partnership with the most popular Metal store in Madrid called HARD VINYL and with their financial help I started to release 7"EP's and later full length albums until in April '94 I definitely got fed up of being tied with these motherfuckers and decided to go with a new label called REPULSE RECORDS which I already started few months ago. Some legendary albums were released like DEMIGOD, ROTTREVORE, PYREXIA, NECROPHILIAC, PURTENANCE & UNBOUNDED TERROR as well as some killer 7"EP's by bands like IMPRECATION, DARKIFIED, DETERIOROT, IMMORTAL FATE and of course some demos by the most important spanish Death Metal bands in that time which were the precursors of the spanish scene back then.

001NECROPHILIAC (spa) Excremental Pregnancy 1990MC
002OBSCURE (spa) Curse The Course 1991MC
003HUMAN WASTE (spa) The Miracle Of Death 1991MC
004DEFACED COMPILATION Vol.1Various Artist1991MC
005SUFFOCATION (spa)Brutales Nauseas1991MC
006SACROPHOBIA (spa)Only Death Is Irreversible1991MC
007ROTTEN FLESH (spa)Morgue Of Souls1991MC
008UNBOUNDED TERROR (spa)Sarcastic Souls1991MC
009CHOCOCRISPIS (spa)Poetry Of Chaos1991MC
010DEFACED COMPILATION Vol.2Various Artist1991MC
011 HUMAN WASTE (spa) Existential Nausea1992MC
012EXTREME MASTURBATION (spa)Sex Deviousness In Mind1992MC
013MORTAL MUTILATION (spa)Dawn Of The Dead1992MC
014ABSORBED (spa)Unreal Overflows1992MC
015INERTIAL MASS (spa)Guest For Autopsy1992MC
016ROTTEN FLESH (spa)Holy Tears (Ego Fum Papa)1992MC
017LUGUBRIOUS (spa)In Nomine Domini Nostri1993MC
018*AVULSED (spa) Deformed Beyond Belief 1993MC
019**INFESTUS (spa)Unnatural Legacy1993MC
020HELLBOUND (spa) Forgotten The Past1993MC
001PURTENANCE (fin)Crown Waits The Immortal19917"EP
002IMMORTAL FATE (usa)Faceless Burial19927"EP
003DARKIFIED (swe)Sleep Forever19927"EP
004BELSEBUB (swe)Elohim19927"EP
005NECROPHILIAC (spa)Chaopula, Citadel Of Mirrors1992LP/CD/MC
006UNBOUNDED TERROR (spa)Nest Of Affliction1992LP/CD/MC
007SEVERANCE (usa)Abysmal Ascent19927"EP
008DEMIGOD (fin)Slumber Of Sullen Eyes1992LP/CD/MC
009ELBERETH (spa)Reminiscences From The Past19927"EP
010INTOXICATION (spa)Cerebral Parasite19927"EP
011PURTENANCE (fin)Member Of Immortal Damnation1992LP/CD/MC
012ROTTEN FLESH (spa) Holy Tears (Ego Fum Papa) 19927"EP
013ALTAR (swe) / CARTILAGE (fin)Split Album1992LP/CD/MC
014SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION (spa)Suffering Cries19927"EP
015ICONOCLAST (ita)The Unmutated Revelation19937"EP
016ROTTREVORE (usa)Iniquitous1993CD
017PYREXIA (usa)Sermon Of Mockery1993CD
018CATACOMB (fra)In The Maze Of Kadath19937"EP
019DETERIOROT (usa)Manifested Apparitions Of Unholy Spirits19937"EP
021IMPRECATION (usa)Sigil Of Baphomet19937"EP

* Split release with Haemorrhage Productions (UNGR-004)
** Split release with Haemorrhage Productions (UNGR-005) and Lugubrious Records (LGB-001)